Should I take a Watch GPS or a Handheld GPS When I Go for a Walk?

While going for a walk when you have to keep track of your distance, it is good if you have some handheld device with you when you are walking at a place that is unfamiliar to you. It’s true, when you are walking somewhere that is relatively featureless, it is really beneficial to have a SatNavDebate GPS device with you to know where you are heading and what is your direction. This will even allow you to know your way back if you feel you are lost and there is no one there to support you.

There are seven satellites that are orbiting around the earth to provide data for identifying locations anywhere in this world. If the handled GPS device is with you, you are never lost. These gadgets are capable of giving accurate grid reference. You must keep this thing in mind that GPS is not a tool that is a replacement of map reading or compass using skills. The advantage of GPS is that it can add a level of accuracy to track up routes and manage the progress of an activity. It can also let you keep track of your fitness level and let you see your coordinates.

So if you are going on a walk, what GPS device to take with you, should it be a watch GPS or should it be a handheld GPS? Take a look at the features of both in order to decide what device is going to be best for you:

Watch GPS

These are one of the most popular pedometers among users. They can measure the steps and movements through distance easily. These watches use satellite technology for measuring the distance and if you are looking for high level of accuracy outdoors, then they are the best devices to use. You can buy a typical GPS watch for about $200 to $300. They are costly because they are more than just any typical walkers. Keep in mind these watches track distance not steps, so they are best if you wish to use them for biking and swimming.

These watches are fairly popular because they are light weight and easy to carry. But they might not be a perfect companion if you wish to use them for walking.

Handheld GPS

It is basically a GPS unit. These units are best for walking purposes. They can keep track of every bit of your walking detail. You won’t just get directions but it will keep track of your walking distance too. You can enter data for any high end unit you want to reach and then begin with the walking. It’s going to have an electronic compass that will let you know which direction you are headed to. You can capture the GPS data and later you can connect to NeedAPlan Trucks the handheld with your PC and then view the locations and get other information about your walk.

So if you are wondering what GPS device to use when you are going for a walk, simply take the Handheld GPS.