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Optimization promotes top search engine positioning or placement for your site; manual search engine submission simply means that we manually submit your site to the search engines. The vast majority of submission services do not manually submit your url but use submission software. That is why they can submit to hundreds if not thousands of search engines. The only problem is that to all practical intents and purposes, it doesn’t work! Many of the big search engines have software that detects automatic submissions and rejects the submission (they don’t like being spammed every month!). Optimization simply means that we find a niche where you can rank well and attract clients. This is accomplished by tweaking your metatags and your submit page content. This is a subtle art but one based on detailed research. There’s much more to it than relying upon common sense or just copying the metatags of a well ranking site.

Four steps to better rankings:

> pre-optimization site analysis (complimentary upon your inquiry)

> optimization research

> optimization recommendations (page title, site description, key words, submit page content)

> manual submission (three day listings available for additional $56CAD with Inktomi’s paid subscription program)
We will thoroughly analyze your submit page, title, metatag description and keywords ensuring you are putting your best face forward . The most important part of submitting your site is simply what you submit.

The #1 problem webmasters and site designers make is relying upon common sense when it comes to optimizing their site. Research reveals we all have a different common sense. The other mistake is to copy the keyword metatags from sites that rank well. Later, they wonder why they didn’t get the same rankings. Optimization involves some subtlety.

Following optimization we will hand submit your site, one search engine, directory at a time, until we have submitted you to 40+ English language search engines and directories. The fact is you will probably be picked up by at least 300 engines but most of them are fairly insignificant.

We now have an ad hoc after care program to help clients maintain their search engine rankings. This would kick in approximately 3-5 months after the initial round of submissions and about every three months thereafter as you deem necessary.

Yes, we are doing this dirt cheap. We want your business. See our testimonials (and forgive this royal ‘we’ stuff – it’s all just me). We want your business.

Important Note: I can really blather on and on. I spent much of my life as a college professor. If you just want to get on with it, look for an emergency contact us link and we can take care of business. If you’re looking for a diploma in this stuff just keep reading. Emergency contact us link.


“WOW, cool! That is fantastic! Is that msn.ca, or msn.com? By the way, our goal was 50 retailers by May 31st and we got em! Not bad seeing as how we went live March 1st. Now less cold calling, more data entry! Karen, Search By Product.

“This is great! Thanks so much Ken for all your help. I really appreciate all the work and effort you made to help improve my rankings. I’ve been sharing my story with several people and have passed along your email address and website. Maureen, Learning Measures.

“Site has been great getting a lot of orders! Your service and personal care is way above and beyond what I expected. Let me know when you want a testimonial.” Vic Sohar, Replacement Commercial Parts.

“Well, Vic, I think that was a testimonial!” Vic was understandably happy after I informed him of two #1 and several other high rankings after just a few weeks.

“Your service is personable, timely, efficient, effective, thorough, thrifty. If results are what count, your service is top quality. Thanks, Ken.” Richard Campbell, Adventist Music.

We get testimonials on a weekly basis but it’s always nice to get one from a church minister.


Introducing our After-Care Maintenance Program. Many of our small business clients are in highly competitive businesses and have to fight hard for search engine rankings. For those clients we offer an ad hoc aftercare maintainance program (recommended no earlier than 3 months after initial submission). The service includes updated site analysis, optimization, resubmissions as necessary. This service is available for $64.00. We recommend this service be utilized no more than 3 or 4 times a year following the initial submission period.

Monthly resubmissions are neither necessary nor desirable and are designed to take your money!

Or, you may wish to contact us prior to processing payment.

Subscription Program Option

We recommend all our clients sign up for one or several search engine subscription programs. These programs get you listed at important engines as quickly as three days. They also get you a boost in rankings through the removal of a penalty normally attached to websites submitted by individuals (I can explain this to you upon request). Inktomi results are used by about 300 engines including the biggest one, msn, and hotbot. Teoma will get you on Teoma.COM and AskJeeves.COM, about the 4th largest engine, and FAST will get you on several engines including Lycos. Even if you are already on these engines, the subscription program means your site will be re-indexed or spidered every fews days. I generally recommend we submit to at least one of these programs right after optimization so we can quickly see how well we have done. Otherwise it may take as long as 5 weeks to two months to see any results. If we are not happy after the initial optimization, we tweak and check back again in a few days. Once we are satisfied, I submit by hand or manually to the other engines. Altogether, the benefits to you are fast listings, maximum optimization, thorough hand submission.

The above subscriptions would cost you over for a Garmin GPS $140CAD were you to subscribe directly with each engine. However, these engines offer me a service provider’s discount allowing me to pass along a significant portion of that discount to you ($23) when you process your subscription through HandSubmit.COM. I’ve not seen single other service provider who shares this discount with their clients.

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