Nick, you are great!! If you ever need a recommendation (but please not to
my competitors!-joking) let me know!

Hi Nick! Thank you so much for your wonderful work and superior customer service – If you ever need a testimonial let me know. I referred you to a company in the dental industry – they have a site called Pull Up Or Chin Up Bars. If you hear from Chris you’ll have a slight heads up. I’m also going to be sending another site your way at the beginning of May if all goes well. I hope you have time for more work. Thanks again.

I am a real estate agent and a software reseller for a company called MTI, there are about 40 other resellers for this company, and several others in the same industry who are competing for the same keyword rankings as myself. Ken got me in the #4 spot (on Google no less! MSN and others too) under my highly competitive keywords. This is just one ranking below MTI’s ranking on google, all the resellers are now below me in rank! I used to pay a company .25 per click and I never really knew for sure if these were unique visitors clicking my site. Now I know all the customers I get are from Ken’s work and it was only a ONE TIME payment! I also got Ken to optimize my real estate site and I had a call from one an agent in my office who actually wanted to buy my website from me because of my rank in the search engines. I would highly recommend Ken’s services to any website owner, as long as you’re not in the same industry as I am.

Again, thanks for everything you have done for us…this is the first year since we have been in business that we haven’t lost our listing on the search engines before our season began. THANKS!

And from Ron a year later: What you do is amazing! You have done more to make our page successfully index high on the search engines than anybody who has worked with it.

“I knew enough about search engines to know that hand submitting produced results. But when I tried, I came up really short. Mr. Sproul guided me through the complete process. For the first time on the Internet, I did not feel isolated. He analyzed my site and explained how small changes would improve my search engines ranking. Because of his clarity in hierarchical thinking, I improved my site and my ranking. I am extremely pleased with HandSumit and the support from Ken Sproul.

It has been one month and the results are showing. Many of the e-mails I receive start with, “I just found your site.”


Ken Kelso of North West Loading.

I am very happy with your services. I know I told you that, but the its getting better as time goes on.

Thank you so much for your prompt, courteous and thorough service. Your detailed analysis of my web site and search elements corrected many issues that will greatly improve my search ranking and my customers’ experience. I would highly recommend your services to any web owner.

I hate to use the word genius, but in terms of SEO, you are the man! I’m 3rd on MSN, 4th on Ask Jeeves. I was wondering if you could take a quick peek at my other site at

Although we are not based in the US we have many more US clients than any others and we have more testimonials than I have time to place here. Thank you!

Nick once again I have to applaud you with a great job. Not only do your submissions work it worked in a matter of 2 weeks. My site is again getting new hits and more orders. You positioned my site in the top 10 on many engines and that’s what counts. I decided to stay off the PPC’s for 2 weeks to see the growth ratio of submission verse PPC and I was very impressed. I have two more sites for you to optimize and submit I will email you the details. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work.

And, later, when we did Ray’s second site: Thanks a bundle for your help. I am so glad I met you. Its good to do business with fellow Canadians and help the business spread. I am going to pass the word around to my business friends and partners that you can do exactly what you say.

Thanks for your work. Your committment to search engine research is
impressive!! We’ve been very pleased with your service to
date. We are now including your full service package with all of our
proposals for new sites. Doesn’t mean a lot yet, but we are young and
hungry – we plan to grow exponentially in the next couple of years.

Anyway, my point is that we’ll be sending more your way for certain.

Something humbling that’s only just occurred to me is that I approached you with it already set in my head about how I wanted to optimize the site for search engines. I was under the assumption that I would use your knowledge on how to tweak the pages through changing page titles and embedding text and meta tags on the page to improve my rankings in search engines, basically provide some technical help on optimization. What I’ve completely neglected here is that I have no knowledge in this domain at all. I respect the fact that you’re the expert on not just the technical side of this but the human factor as well. As you’ve mentioned, it’s not that hard to optimize the site for search phrases no one uses and always appear #1! My point is that I don’t know what people will be finding us by and I should be relying more on your suggestions.

One of the reasons we keep prices down is to fulfil the needs of Canadian clients, my countrymen. We have testimonials from other Canadians too.

Hey guys, check out Google, Yahoo and MSN Search engines and type any variation of “mobile car (or paint) repairs and see who comes up at the Top of the Pile!…………………..AT LAST No 1 RANKING!!!!!!!!!!!!! for OOPS!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic job you did optimising my website. Having attained immediate No 1 ranking with Google, HotBot, Yahoo, MSN Search amongst others I find it absolutely incredible. Yesterday I received a call from a potential customer more than 200 miles away who had seen my site on Google. He couldn’t believe that I was only a one man/one van operation being at the top of the listing. Unfortunately I had to refer him in this case to another operator.
Today………..wait for it…………i received an e-mail from a guy in Dubai who was browsing the internet, came across my site and is fascinated with the product so much so that he has approached me to think about a joint venture/franchise operation……..i can’t believe it…………oops! in Dubai!!!!!!! I have a lot to think about over the coming weeks and feel sure that this is the kick-start my business needs to make it a well known and successful brand.

Again, I truly thank you.

By the way, did I let you know ings.com is finally back in google’s top ten after TWO YEARS in the boondocks. It was obviously your optimization that got me back up there.


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